One of the most well-known names in the online gambling world is Bodog. Bodog recently changed its name to Bovada, but still offers the same games and lets players login with their same username and password. Bovada has both benefits and drawbacks, but overall it is a great place to partake in online gambling.

When a player first sees the homepage of the website they will likely be impressed. Bovada has done their best to make sure the site can be easily navigated by players. The front page also showcases any events or promotions Bovada is running at the time.

A person can choose between a variety of gaming options. They can bet on sports, horse races, play a variety of games in the casino, or play poker against other players. This all helps to create the feel of a real casino and adds to the atmosphere Bovada creates.

There are two main ways players can deposit money into their Bovada account. The first is by using a Visa credit card to deposit a minimum of $20.00. The other method is to use Rapid Transfer. This requires a minimum deposit of $100.00, and cannot exceed $900.00 per deposit. These easy options make it possible for almost anyone to deposit money and begin playing the same day.

The main complaint players have with Bovada is the slow withdrawal process. Some players have stated they won large amounts and then Bovada still wouldn’t have paid them after months of waiting. Other players have said that Bovada, at one time, would pay every 15th of the month, but service has begun to slow down.

Overall, Bovada is a great place to play online casino games. The presentation of the site makes it easy for new players, and there are a variety of games to keep players interested. Taking the necessary precautions can ensure a player doesn’t lose money when gaming with Bovada.