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The First Lesson of BlackJack

Blackjack is a very popular game when it comes to casinos. There probably are many different Blackjack games, but I can only tell you about the ones I have played personally. There is regular blackjack, switch blackjack, Spanish 21, and Vegas Style Blackjack. Each of these blackjack games can be played regular or with bonuses added on to them to make them more challenging to play. Most of the bonuses are the same no matter which blackjack games you play.

Switch Blackjack is two hands are dealt instead of one. Spanish 21 has no tens in the decks. Vegas Style Blackjack always has the match the dealer and triple 7 bonuses. At most casinos blackjack is usually played on a gaming table with about 8-10 player spaces. In the casinos you are not allowed to touch the cards only the dealer can touch the cards, you can only give hand gestures to tell the dealer what you want, if it is a hit you want, you tap the table, if you want to stand you wave the table. Both of your cards are dealt upright (showing), while the dealers cards are dealt one showing and one face down (not showing). The object of blackjack is to beat the dealer, by getting as close to 21 as you can without busting out (going over 21), or to just get BLACKJACK, that would be to get an ACE with a FACE card or a number 10 card. You will be able to hit, stand, double down or split, depending on which cards you have and which cards the dealer has. In regular blackjack you can double down only on the first 2 cards, in Spanish 21 you can double down on any cards. The dealer always stays on 17, and you can stay on 17 or you can hit. I don’t recommend that you hit on 17, but some people do it in certain circumstances. A rule to always remember in black is “if you have never done it, don’t do it, if you always do it, then keep doing it.”

Blackjack is a game of strategy, not so much luck as with Poker. There is so many rules to the game and strategies, that you would definitely have to get the famous book THE THEORY OF BLACKJACK by Peter A. Griffin to become and well advantaged player of the blackjack strategies. You would have to know when to hit, when to stand, when to double down and when to split. I love blackjack; it’s for sure one of the best casino games out.